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In Romanian: Mamaliga pripita



  1. Set the pot with water to boil.
  2. When the water is hot, add salt.
  3. Sprinkle a little of the cornmeal.
  4. When it starts boiling, place a wooden spoon in the pot and start to gradually add the cornmeal (rain-like).
  5. Keep mixing with the wooden spoon.
  6. When the polenta seems sufficiently dense, stop adding cornmeal.
  7. Keep mixing, pressing the polenta towards the edges of the pot.
  8. When the polenta is cooked through, take the wooden spoon out and clean it with another wet spoon.
  9. Start gathering the polenta towards the center of the pot and let it boil for a few more minutes.
  10. After it has made a few more steamy bubbles, grab the pot with oven mitts, shake it a few times and pour the polenta on a wooden cutting board.
  11. The quick polenta is softer than boiled polenta and is served with fried eggs, cheese and sour cream, etc.