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In Romanian:Bors cu perisoare de peste



  1. Set to boil thinly sliced onion, carrot and parsley root, together with the head and tail from the fish.
  2. Skin the rest of the fish, de-bone and grind together with an onion slightly fried in oil and the slice of bread that was moistened in milk or water and then squeezed.
  3. Mix with an egg, some chopped greens, salt and pepper and make fish balls.
  4. After the head and tail and the vegetables are done, strain the liquid and remove the vegetables.
  5. Also remove the meat off the head and tail, sieve and add to the liquid.
  6. Set to boil, adding the fish balls made from the ground mixture, borş or sauerkraut juice.
  7. When it is almost done, add the chopped greens.
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